Information for Coaches and Managers 

The Ravens could not function without the wonderful support of the volunteer Coaches and Managers.  Being a coach or a manager can be great fun and highly rewarding.

There is a lot to know when you become a coach – click here for important information

Our Support Programs

Many of our coaches are current or ex Ravens players.  Many are mums and dads that have kids that play.  Coaching may sound daunting to people that havent coached before but we have a range of support systems in place to help coaches of all levels.

– We have started a mentoring program where our experienced coaches will be available to help other managers. (Contact Jason Moody 0400179505)

– We have online management tools to help make your job easier

– We are working with the local Gladesville Hornsby FA training director to conduct “train the trainer” sessions

If you are interested in any of the programs or want to become a coach or manager please contact us now. (Club Contacts)

Minis Information

Here is an information sheet about Minins Football provided by our local association (Click here)

There is a large amount of information about the Small Sided Game (SSG) at the Football NSW Website (Go there) . We highly recommend that you spend time reviewing this information to be prepared for managing or coaching a SSG team. It explains why we play the game this way,  the rules and provide a range of coaching tools for teaching the SSG.  (Go there)

– There are several key documents – SSG Handbook , SSG Parents Information and SSG Rules

– There is information on Coaching training courses  (Go there)

– There is also a fun website for the kids (Go there)

More help for  Coaches

There are some documents provided by The Gladesville Hornsby Football Association (GHFA) to help you as a manager.

– SSG – A quick guide for Coaches and Managers  (Click here)

– SSG – Saturday Helper Sheet (Click here)

– SSG – Training Programs for Young Players –  (Click here)

For general information about the association we play under (GHFA)  (Go there)

Football NSW Resources

There is a great training drills section of over 150 separate drills  ( Click here )


Football NSW Hot Weather Policy

With higher temperatures now occurring more frequently, consideration must be given to the effects of heat and humidity on elite and amateur athletes and particularly children involved in football activities.

Football NSW has considered several factors in the development of this policy including the ongoing popularity of summer football and an increase in the temperatures leading into the winter season.

Football NSW Hot Weather Policy


Football NSW Lightning Policy (Updated February 2016)

Please note that there is an updated version of the FNSW Lightning Policy. This reviewed and updated policy takes effect immediately and supersedes all previous FNSW Lightning policies.