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Dear Parents and Carers

As I’m sure most of you are aware, FNSW and the FFA has made recent announcements on the COVID 19 crisis (see attached link). As a follow on we’d like to share with you the approach being taken by Gladesville Ravens across the various programs.…/football-nsws-faqs-concerning…/

This weeks’ announcement by FNSW means that ALL FOOTBALL ACTIVITY IS SUSPENDED UNTIL 31st MAY. With other comments made by the NSW Government and Police about a 90 day period of law, its seems that the various government bodies are agreed that, as it stands, the end of May seems to be a date the NSW Government is aiming for to commence the process of unwinding the lockdown, and hopefully nothing changes in the meantime. So based on this information, there was a meeting with FNSW last night where they outlined their “rough” plans for moving forward, and from that we have collated a “rough” plan for Gladesville Ravens to return to play.

Firstly let me outline the FNSW and NWSF position on return to play. They are in talks with various state sporting stakeholders about extending our season, even through to October or November if needed to allow us to complete a FULL PREMIERSHIP SEASON for most competitions and modified season for others. What that looks like in terms of locations and games will be established over the coming weeks, but the clear message is that “cancellation of the season is NOT on the table at the moment”.

So there are clear rays of light we can start to see appearing. Gladesville Ravens is therefore, as it stands today, planning to return to play in line with the Association timelines. The NWSF Board has subsequently decided to commence the season on the weekend of 6/7 June.

Let me also say that just because football has stopped, the Ravens coaches and management team haven’t stopped. We are using this unusual period of quiet to assess and reassess all our processes and procedures, our operations, our objectives and goals, so that when we return we will be extremely well prepared for a great short and long term future, focusing on our push to become the best Association and National Premier League club we can be.

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