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NWSF Football 2020

2020 North West Sydney Football Game Day information:

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Gladesville Ravens COVID SAFETY Plan -UPDATED COVID19 SAFETY PLAN_17 July 2020


General Information


Please remember that the teams cannot play without coaches and managers. We would encourage parents to contribute to these positions as they are pivotal to the success of the team. I am happy to provide support and training to assist parents to perform in those team positions. The club does its best to find people for these roles but we need your cooperation.

NWSF (North West Sydney Football Association) Competition

Normally competition will start April 2020 and concludes with finals in mid August 2020. Games will be played throughout the school holidays and we hope that you consider your commitment to the girls teams when making holiday arrangements. Round Robins and Grand finals will be played in August.

All Games will be played on Sundays with the majority of games at Morrison Park, Bill Mitchell, Westminster Park Monash Oval, Bremner Park, Meadowbank oval.

In 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions the competition will run differently. Be mindful that schedules may change to Government and or Football NSW advice.


Training will be held one night a week either Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday or Friday evenings at one of the following ovals; Westminster, Monash, both on Ryde Rd, Meadowbank, and Gladesville Reserve.

Training nights and times ARE TO BE coordinated with the Mens Director in order to alleviate overcrowding and will be decided in late February with the relevant age coach and managers who will be notifying their respective teams.

In the event that coaches wish to train two nights a week, all teams will be given preference based on their first night. The second night MUST BE cleared with the Mens Director so that space and times can be found. However consideration will need to be given for the use of Meadowbank as a training ground, we cannot have 80 teams training on just Westminster & Monash.


Trial games will be held in March and will be managed by the team coach with the exception of the Riverside Cup which will be managed by Men’s director. There may be some away trials with other clubs from different associations this will be at the discretion of your coach


All new players joining Ravens for the first time will need a photo for their registration.


U6 to U9

Registrations for the 2019 season are now open for Boys and Girls. Please go to our Club page for more details. The NWSWF association has deemed these competitions to be non-competitive in 2019.

U10 – U11
The GHFA association has deemed these competitions to be non-competitive, hence teams will be gauged on best fit based on numbers.

Mens U12 to U16

A key focus is for boys to play in teams of like ability, as a club we would like to provide opportunities for all girls.

GHFA (our local association) will endeavour to provide 2 competitions per age groups; this will be dependent on the number of teams in the particular competition and the team number threshold they will be using to create the 2 divisions. We intend to use this framework to provide opportunities for all players.

Please email or call Jeff Curnow on 0459 999 805 if you wish to discuss your situation.

Please be aware that we shall endeavour to do our best to meet the needs of the girls and the club, team sizes will need to be considered and this will be based on a case by case basis with the coach. We believe that each team should carry no more than 3 reserves. This will assist in the best delivery of manageable team sizes.

Where there is an intake that requires to fit players into the most appropriate level for the girls we may adopt a grading process. This will be determined in February once registration are completed.

Mens U17 to U18

Teams will be formulated based on last year’s team placement. Please email Jeff Curnow with any preferences or feedback

All Age Men’s Team

Teams will be formulated based on last year’s team placement. Please email Jeff Curnow with any preferences or feedback.

Director of Men’s Football

Jeff Curnow

0459 999 805