Wet Weather

Wet Weather Information

So what happens when it rains and the grounds are unplayable?  The local councils and the sports controlling bodies are involved in the process of deciding if training or games are ok to go ahead or called off due to bad weather.


Most ground are controlled by Ryde Council and can be seen by checking their website (Click Here) or phoning their wet weather line – (02) 9952 8244.  They update this information twice a day during the week – 9am and 2.30pm (the best source is the phone line as sometimes they don’t update the website)

Gladesville Reserve is controlled by Hunters Hill Council and they have a website that shows the status of grounds.  (Click Here)

Teams must not train if the grounds are closed – Ravens can be fined if reported.

In the event of localised or late severe weather Ravens Officials (including coaches) can close a ground for safety reasons.


This is determined by the sport associations and where the games are being played.

Men’s Football

The Ryde Council uses the same service as their training service (Click Here)  They will make a decision on weekend games at 2.30pm on Friday if games are to be cancelled due to bad weather. The website and phone lines will be updated and won’t change during the weekend.

Games can still be cancelled by the GHFA if the weather is bad. They will update their website at about 8.00am Saturday morning with details about weekend play. (Click Here)

In the interest of safety Ravens Officials (Ravens Directors) can cancel a game if they deem it to be dangerous.  And lastly the referee can also cancel any game, for any reason, if they deem it unsafe to play at any time.

In all cases the officials decision is final and coaches, parents or players should not dispute a decision once it has been made.

Women’s Football

The women’s club football is controlled by the NWSWF association.  Decisions on ground playing condition is done in consultation with Ryde Council and NWSWF (Click Here)

The website will be updated on Friday and Saturday for ground wet weather updates.  Final decision will be made by the NWSWF, in some cases at 7.30am of the Sunday games in question.  All members of the women’s/girls football should reference this website to see if their games are to proceed and what fields will be in use.

NWSWF will advise club delegates via SMS for any cancellations or changes to field allocations.

In the interests of safety Ravens Officials or the referee can cancel or stop a game if they deem the conditions to be unsafe or unplayable.

In all cases the officials decision is final and coaches, parents or players should not dispute a decision once it has been made.

WSL Football

The FNSW is governed by the decisions of the club representative. Decisions will be made in consultation with local governing bodies for any home game on the playing conditions of the ground. This will depend on where the games are being played and the condition of that particular ground. Notifications are made to club officials who will notify you directly.

Match referees can also cancel games for safety reasons.


Netball is controlled by ERNA (Click Here)  A decision on Brush Farm court availability for play is made no later than 7.30am on the day of competition.  (For grass courts and all weather courts)  Details are updated and put on the wet weather service line no later than 7.45am – PH 1900 962 017

All details are in the ERNA 2011 Fixture Book (page 35) which all teams should have.

We hope this helps you know what to do when it rains……

Wet weather and the cancellation of training and games is controlled by the local councils and associations.

We have outlined the details on this page and always recommend that you check the websites and wet weather phone numbers if in any doubt.