Net Set Go

Welcome to Gladesville Ravens NetSetGO

Children turning 7 on or before December 31, 2019 are eligible to play netball.  Children play NetSetGO from the ages 7–9s, where the rules are modified, and the emphasis is on skill development.

Ages 7-10 play at Brush Farm Park, Eastwood 

In the 10’s age group, children play normal netball rules and there is more emphasis on competition. This age group is considered non-competitive and a part of NetSetGO. Points awarded during games played in the season contribute to a competition ladder. However, there are no finals in this age group.

Note that grading for the 10’s is mandatory. There is no grading for children playing in the 8 and 9-year age groups.



Online Registration for players in the 7-10 age group in 2019 are now open. We encourage players to register by 26 January 2019 so we can announce teams. Please contact us directly if you would like to join a team after this date.

If you are wishing to use the Active Kids Rebate, you need to apply for this before you register with Ravens. Once you have your code, you are good to go! You will need to have a Service NSW account. If you don’t have one, it’s quick and easy to create an account. You can do this here:

Players in the 7-9 age group, please register here: Net Set Go

Players in the 10s age group, please register here: u10s


To view the NetSetGO rules and guidelines please click here


If you would like more information or to get in touch with us directly, please contact:

Allyson Hill

Club Secretary on 0419 219 295 


Melissa Cullen

Director of Netball on 0408 029 546