Minis FAQ

Minis Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we register this year?
A. It’s a three step process. Firstly register your interest by emailing the Club at, we’ll be able to give you some introductory information and answer any questions you have. Second, come along to our placement day to meet our friendly members and confirm your interest by getting placed in a team.

Once teams are confirmed, registrations are performed online. If you are new to football and have never registered your child before you will need to first register with the FFA and then register through the football NSW site. For full details on the process please visit our registrations page.

Q. What is the minimum age?
A. The minimum competition age group our associations play is Under 6. Your child needs to turn 6 the year they are playing.

If your child is between 3 and 5 please read our MightyMites program which caters for this age group as a great introduction to football.

Q. What are the registration fees?
A. For the latest on fees please see our dedicated registrations page in the website menu.

Q. Can boys and girls play together in the same team?
A. Definitely. Mixed(boys) teams play on Saturdays and girls only teams play on Sundays.

Q. Can my child play with his/her friends?
A. The Club will make every attempt for children to play with their friends but can’t guarantee this. Existing teams stay together from the previous year and a lot depends on vacancies. Creating brand new teams is obviously a lot easier to match friends together.

Q. How do we know what team our children will be in?
A. As stated above early notification to the Club helps us form teams early prior to the placement day. We then use the placement day to finalise the teams and parents are notified shortly after to confirm their registrations.

Q. How many players in the team?
A. We follow the small sided games or Miniroos guidelines around the amount of players in a team but be mindful numbers will change depending on the demand we have for each age group.

Those guidelines are;
U6 & U7 – squad sizes of 6. 4 playing with no goal keeper.
U8 & U9 – squad sizes of 9. 7 playing including a goal keeper.
U10 & U11 – squad sizes of 11. 9 playing including a goal keeper.

Q. What size are the fields for each age group.
A. Our Associations follow the Minisroos field format which can be found here.

Q. When are the training sessions?
A. Each team needs volunteer parents to coach and manage. Training sessions are largely based on when the coach is available (date & time) during the week.

Q. When and where are the games held?
A. We are a part of the North West Sydney Football Association . Boys or mixed teams that play on Saturdays and girls only teams play on Sundays.

For the first few years the Minis play locally against other clubs in the area.

Games are generally played in the morning first up from 8:30am through to mid-morning. This is a guide only as scheduling is done by the Associations.

Q. When does the season commence?
A. A general timeline is as follows. Registrations start in January, team placements are done in February, training starts in March and the season generally starts at the beginning of April. We organise some pre-season events as well prior to April kick off.

Q. What uniform do I need to purchase and where do I get it from?
A. Each player will need to purchase Club shorts and socks separate to the registration fees. These can be done on placement day or organised through the Club at a more convenient time. Each player will receive a soccer ball to own as part of their registration and the team will have Club jerseys to wear that need to be given back at the end of the year.


For more information about Minis Football contact:

Greg Chippendale or 0414 352 673


Robyn Mclean or  0408669779