Feedback and Complaints Procedures

We love to hear from you when things are going right so we can keep them going.  We also need to hear from you when you are unhappy and want to make a complaint.

Please direct your feedback to the relevant people (see the list on the left) This is very important when you feel that you need to lodge a complaint so we can act on it quickly.

Making a complaint

It is important to lodge your complaint at the level at which the issue occurs (e.g. If it’s a club issue then it should be dealt with at a club level, if it is a state or national issue, direct it to the appropriate Authority.)

If the issue is serious (e.g. Sexual harassment or physical assault) you can either lodge your complaint with your Sports Director or contact your State’s:

  • Anti-discrimination agency if you want advice or to refer a complaint about discrimination and harassment, or Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Police department to report allegations of assault or to request police assistance

If you are not satisfied with the way the complaint’s been handled or you’re unhappy with the outcome, you may be able to either lodge an appeal or direct the complaint to the next level (e.g. The Association or national organisation)


  • RECEIVE the complaint at the appropriate club level
  • GATHER the necessary information
  • SPEAK to both parties involved
  • RESOLVE the incident at this level or
  • BOARD intervention
  • DISCIPLINE in accordance to the Board ‘s discretion
  • REFER the incident to the appropriate Association
  • FOLLOW UP on the process of the resolution
  • SUPPORT our members during this process
  •  PREVENT this incident from happening again.


  • TREAT complaints seriously
  • ACT promptly
  • TREAT people fairly an listen to both sides of the story
  • STAY neutral
  • KEEP parties to the complaint informed
  • TRY to maintain confidentiality where possible
  • PROTECT against victimization
  • KEEP accurate records
  • MAKE decisions based only on information gathered not personal views
  • DISCIPLINARY action should be relative to the breach


Discrimination, harassment and inappropriate or unfair behavior have no place in the Gladesville Ravens Sporting Club culture.

When you make a complaint you can generally expect to be:

  • IDENTIFIED (but only to the person against whom you are making the complaint, the rest of the club will not be told)
  • REQUESTED to support your complaint by providing information about the incident e.g. what, where, and when the behavior occurred and what you did at the time, the contact details of any witnesses, any evidence or documents eg emails, text messages, etc.
  • PROTECTED from victimization (e.g. your sport may move the person you’re complaining about to another position while the investigation is under way)

Who to contact

President:  Cathy Ingliss

Director of Men’s Football:  Ewen Page

Director of Women’s Football: Janine Ligato

Director of Netball:

Operations Manager:

For more information about our club policies please visit our Policies Page