Coach & Manager Information

Coach and Manager Information

The following documents provide important information for all coaches and managers and should be read and understood by all Ravens Coaches and Managers.

The GHFA has published their 2012 Rules and Information Booklet. Part One – click here . Part two – click here

2012 Coaches Code of Conduct  click here

New Codes for 2012

14.    All minis players ought to have the same play time each game and be played in all positions throughout the season.

15.    Players in U9 to U13 (inclusive) must be played in a least two positions on the field throughout the season.  No player should play in either goal, defence, midfield or as a forward for more than 75% of the season.  Children ought to be encouraged to try out every position on the field during any particular season.

16.    Players in U14 to U16 ought to be play in a least two positions on the field taking into consideration the level of the team, the wishes of the players and the needs of the team.

17.    In all age groups, coaches who have children in the team they coach, must ensure the following:

(a)   that their child does not get, or is seen to get, favourable treatment;

(d)   decisions relating to their child are properly communicated to the other parents – this includes the decisions relating to position on the field and the role the child plays on and off the field; and

(c)   wherever possible, other assistant coaches or parents are given or included in the decision regarding the coaches child.

Guidelines for Coaches and Officials click here

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